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What is an Integrative Coach?

An Integrative Coach is someone who…

  • provides a safe, loving space for transformation to occur.
  • holds the relationship with their clients as sacred.
  • supports others in reaching their highest potential.
  • stands in the vision of the clients by holding them accountable.
  • supports their clients in finding alternative perspectives.
  • supports clients in reaching their goals.
  • adds clarity to vision and encourages action.
  • celebrates their clients accomplishments with them.
  • focuses on the future by living in the now.
  • is vision driven.
  • turns their wounds into wisdom and supports their clients in doing the same.
  • sees life as a teacher with many gifts.
  • speaks the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable.
  • listens for possibility.

An Integrative Coach is not…

  • a therapist, fixer, or healer.
  • someone who has all the answers.
  • someone who accepts excuses.