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Welcome to Part 2 of the How To Survive The Holidays With Your Sanity Intact series.

Are you excited about the holidays coming up? Or are you feeling a little stressed out by them?

Maybe you feel a little disconnected from the true meaning of the holidays. It’s really easy to do, especially since retail stores are setting up their Christmas decorations in September now. Hello!!! Summer wasn’t even over yet and I saw Santa and Christmas trees plastered all over the place.

It’s hard to feel connected to something that’s still a few months away but being shoved down your throat.

Today’s post is all about learning how to connect, and stay connected, to the spirit of the holidays, which can be taken with you throughout the rest of the year.

What’s this connection I’m talking about? It’s that inner guidance system that gives you all the answers you need. It’s that part of you that just “knows” what’s right for you. It’s inside you, not out on the store shelves.

Connecting to this spirit, your spirit, is essential to living a fulfilling life. It’s how we create the lives we say we want.

I’ve got three tips to harnessing the power of this connection:

  1. This goes along with my last post about being short tempered. Finding acceptance around a situation can help you breeze right through any yuck that may be there. To find acceptance all you need to do is separate out the facts about what’s going on and the story you’re telling yourself about it. For example, I was shopping in Costco the first or second week of September. Summer hadn’t yet turned to fall. I walk out from one aisle to see a Halloween display directly across the aisle from a Christmas display. I felt myself getting angry that it was so damn early and I was seeing Christmas stuff. This is a problem for me because I am trying to teach my kids about not buying into the idea that they need stuff to be happy and have fun. So, rather than let my anger get the best of me I stopped and took a picture and posted it on my Instagram feed. I separated the facts-I was staring at two store displays, from the story-this world is going to hell, we consume way too much, we produce way too much plastic, we can’t even get through summer without someone shoving consumerism down our throats (and you know the rabbit hole goes much deeper). I chose to make a little fun and light of what I was seeing. I posted the picture and moved on.
  2. When you come up against a definition of something that is based on society and you feel that sense of obligation to “keep up with the Jones’s come up, redefine that something to align with your Higher Self. This goes back to my example from above in that I can get all upset about not being able to get this stuff that society says I need to have a wonderful Christmas, or I can redefine what a wonderful Christmas means to me. You can do this with a single word too. I’ve redefined many words, which allows me to live my life on my terms.
  3. This little beauty will help you make decisions from that place of inner guidance. I call it Yum, Yuck, Oh Fuck. It’s adapted from Tom Robbins idea that there are only two mantras-yum and yuck. I added the Oh Fuck because anytime I feel the Oh Fuck I know it’s a big decision that can lead me to great success or have detrimental consequences. When making a decision think about the choices. Does choice #1 make you feel yummy or yucky? Does choice #2 make you feel yummy or yucky? Whichever one feels yummy, that’s the one you go with. It really is that simple, even with all the things you’re telling yourself “could” happen. If any of the choices make you go Oh Fuck, if it’s a good feeling that arises in your gut, go for it. If it’s that bad feeling that you just can’t ignore, run for the hills.

These tips will help you not only connect to your own spirit but that of others, which is what the holidays are really about anyway, right?

If you’d like to learn more sign up for my FREE 7-day Get Through The Holidays With Ease Challenge. I’ll be going over these tips in more detail as well as others. We start October 15th.

If you’d like to learn other tips for keeping your sanity during the holidays check out Part 1 of the How To Survive The Holidays With Your Sanity Intact series.

If you know someone else who would like to get through the holidays sanely, please share these tips and the challenge with them.

Get Through The Holidays With Ease Challenge

Sign up for the FREE 7-day Get Through The Holidays With Ease Challenge. 

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These tips and tricks are portable so you can take them wherever you go this holiday season. You have NO excuses for NOT using them, AND they will allow you to have a Happy Holidays no matter what others are doing. Plus you can use them throughout the rest of the year to keep you balanced and happy.

By the end of the week, you’ll have some really awesome, simple, and powerful tools to help you deal with situations and emotions in the moment, so you don’t get sidetracked by what the outside world is doing.

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Want To Feel More Confident?

Download This FREE Guided meditation that will help you re-train your brain