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Does your fuse seem to get a little shorter around the holidays? I know mine does. The holidays bring out the part of me that ends up spewing ugliness all over the place. That’s not good for the Christmas decorations or for the relationships in my life. Plus, I’m not able to survive the holidays very well.

The struggle to balance your ideas of what the holiday season is all about and what society tells us is important is very real. We strive to do the right things and make every one happy. Sometimes we lose sight of what makes us happy in this pursuit. We become short tempered when the balance is a little off.

Today’s blog is about finding ways to get that balance back, to harmonize what’s important to you and what’s important to others, quickly and easily.

Why is it important to harmonize the two? It’s important because you know you want to get through the holidays with your sanity intact, and because keeping what’s important to others in mind helps us build stronger, more connected relationships with those we love. That’s a win-win for everyone.

Here are my three tips for extinguishing that fuse before there’s an explosion:

  1. STOP: When you feel yourself getting angry, upset, or off balance literally stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath, observe what’s really going on, then make a conscious choice about how you want to proceed. When used regularly this trick can shift the entire situation and put out the bomb that’s about to hit.
  2. Recap: At night just before you lay down to sleep think about all the positive things that happened throughout the day. Take just a few minutes to replay the events of your day like a movie on the screen of your mind. I’m sure you’ll find at least three things to be grateful for with this exercise too.
  3. Accept, surrender and forgive: Looking at a situation and being able to discern between the facts of what’s going on and the story you’re telling yourself about it will allow you to find acceptance of the situation. You can then decide what action needs to be taken next. Can you let it go or does something need to be done? Either way finding acceptance will allow you to surrender to the situation instead of getting upset about not being able to control it. You can then forgive yourself for losing your temper and the other person for any perceived wrongdoing. Remember, forgiveness isn’t about condoning the actions of another, it’s about detaching from them.

These are three of my tips to use when dealing with the hustle and bustle of the holidays. You can use these when you’re out shopping in the chaos that is the retail world or in when you’re at the family get-together. They’ll help you defuse the bomb before a mess is made. You’ll avoid the whole damage control thing.

If you’d like to know more about these, and the other tips I have for dealing with your emotions during the holidays sign up for my FREE 7-day Get Through The Holidays With Ease Challenge. We start October 15th.

If you know someone else who would like to get through the holidays sanely, please share these tips and the challenge with them.

Get Through The Holidays With Ease Challenge

Sign up for the FREE 7-day Get Through The Holidays With Ease Challenge.

In this challenge you’ll learn some of my best techniques to deal with your emotions in the moment so they don’t start causing chaos with those around you {or in your own head}.

Over the course of 7 days I’ll teach you some quick and easy tools to help you deal with those emotional upsets that end up ruining the holidays. I know these tools work, because I’ve gone from a woman full of anger, resentment and anxiety over the tiniest thing, to a Fiercely Fresh Bulldog who’s committed to giving up “perfection” and keeping my family close. My clients have used them with great success too!

These tips and tricks are portable so you can take them wherever you go this holiday season. You have NO excuses for NOT using them, AND they will allow you to have a Happy Holidays no matter what others are doing. Plus you can use them throughout the rest of the year to keep you balanced and happy.

By the end of the week, you’ll have some really awesome, simple, and powerful tools to help you deal with situations and emotions in the moment, so you don’t get sidetracked by what the outside world is doing.

Sign up today! We start October 15th.

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Want To Feel More Confident?

Download This FREE Guided meditation that will help you re-train your brain