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How to create your own unique path

How would you like to create your own unique path?Would you like to quit living according to the status quo, quit living Groundhog day over and over?Then have I got some tips for you!!!Anytime we are trying to create change in our lives it takes a few things. The first thing that comes to mind for…

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How imperfection brings the greatest joy

Do you know how exhausting it is to be a perfectionist? {I’m going to assume you do since you’re reading this.} It totally sucks, sucks the joy right out of life!Hi! My name is Michele and I’m a recovering perfectionist. It’s nice to meet you.I used to be such a perfectionist that I wouldn’t let…

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How to get the life you’ve always wanted

There’s just something so inspiring about the name Michele, isn’t there? It’s no wonder this pic by Michele James of Michele James Photography inspired me to write this blog post. This picture reminds me of what I’ve done over the last few years along my personal growth journey. I’ve gone from a depressed, anxious, angry…

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How to survive the holidays with your sanity intact, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the How To Survive The Holidays With Your Sanity Intact series.Are you excited about the holidays coming up? Or are you feeling a little stressed out by them? Maybe you feel a little disconnected from the true meaning of the holidays. It’s really easy to do, especially since retail stores…

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